Advanced DBA Services

Today's enterprise database systems are becoming increasingly complex. Database software and associated hardware technologies are continually evolving and the skills required to manage and support these systems are becoming broader.

Our approach is to provide system and database administrators with a suite of services and tools that help to simplify the measurement and management of these complex systems.

SQL Workload Analysis

In most database environments, change is happening all the time. In the absence of a full and complete production scale testing environment there is limited testing that can be performed prior to any change and this creates a degree of unavoidable uncertainty and risk. In a nutshell, if you can understand the database workload then you can make technical decisions with much more confidence.

SQL Capture & Replay

A large proportion of database system changes can only be tested adequately under a production workload. Quite often a complete production scale testing environment is too expensive to be considered viable. Assuming that it were economically viable to create such a testing environment you would still have the job of simulating the database workload and that can take months or years. Many companies ignore the requirement with disastrous consequences. In a nutshell, if you can accurately predict the effect of changes to a production database environment then you will significantly reduce the risk associated with maintaining that environment.

Auditing & Data Security

Protecting data is becoming increasingly complex and expensive. With the growing operational value of data, the impact of a data security breach or data theft is potential catastrophic for many businesses. Modern intrusion prevention will help to eliminate most obvious external threats to data security, but it does not adequately deal with the security threat posed by authorised personnel.

Data Repair

A database is usually highly dynamic. New data is continually created and old data is either updated or deleted. Unfortunately, every organisation is susceptible to human error. Some errors, intentional or not, cost organisations valuable time and money. Data repair is focused on reversing such errors.