Oninit Consulting Ltd is an IBM Premier Business Partner and one of the leading IBM database consulting firms in the UK with a dedicated technical support team and extensive professional services capability. We provide expertise on high-performance enterprise database systems.

Oninit was founded in 1999 by a team of Informix consultants under the technical direction of Paul Watson. In 2005, Paul moved to the US and Oninit Consulting Ltd was incorporated to continue to support the UK IBM database market.

Since 2005, we have delivered software and service solutions to more than 120 customers in the UK. Many of these companies are household names in the retail, media and finance sectors. We are a partner-centric organization and have links to many of the leading development and system integration companies in the UK, US and Germany.

How we help our customers…

  • We help deliver fast results. Our services and solutions are designed to give our customers value immediately. We provide a suite of structured technical support, DBA and development services that are “ready to go”.
  • We help manage costs. Everything we do is focused on reducing cost whether that is cost of technical resource or software. For example, we advise companies regarding licensing of IBM software products and we help companies measure and monitor usage of their software.
  • We help manage complexity. Greater complexity means there is a growing demand for specialist knowledge and partnership. We have developed strategies to work effectively with other technology specialists and more generalized service providers.

What defines our business…

  • We are focused on our customers. Since 2005, we have delivered software and service solutions to more than 120 customers in the UK. Each of our customers has their own unique set of challenges and objectives. We expect to adapt our services to meet those needs.
  • We invest in our team. Our differentiation is our technical expertise and we invest heavily in the training and development of our staff.
  • We invest in innovation. We continue to develop innovative solutions that exploit modern database and computing technology. More than 20% of our operating cost in 2013 was associated with new development and new technology.
  • We invest in service improvement. Our services and service delivery are in a continued cycle of improvement. We have introduced new services and major improvements to our service reporting and service take-on every year since 2005.