Consulting Services

We make a strong distinction between consulting services and support services as they have two entirely different service delivery models.

We have spent the last 15 years developing support and DBA services for the IBM market. We describe these services as structured services as they are tightly defined and repeatable. Structured services comprise more than 80% of our workload.

Consulting services tend to focus on projects. Whilst these projects may attempt to solve specific types of problems, their solutions are not generally repeatable.

The type of problems we tend to get involved with fall into 3 broad categories:

Data Management Services

  • Database Platform Design and Migration
  • Database Continuity
  • Database security
  • Database Testing
  • Data Lifecycle Management

Software Asset Management Services

  • IBM Software Licence Review
  • IBM Software Licensing Audit
  • IBM Software Usage Tracking

Software Development Services

  • Application Porting
  • Application Modernization
  • Integration
  • Software Testing