Data Repair

A database is usually highly dynamic. New data is continually created and old data is either updated or deleted. Unfortunately, every organisation is susceptible to human error. Some errors, intentional or not, cost organisations valuable time and money. Data repair is focused on reversing such errors.

Auditing solutions are not designed to solve this problem. The purpose of most auditing solutions is to keep a record of the data that was accessed, who accessed the record and the operation that the user performed. This is very helpful for tracking or even policing user activity, but what would happen if a record were deleted in error? How would you repair or recover the data?

In most cases, the answer would be to recover the data from a previous back-up. This is typically a very time-consuming exercise particularly if the record belonged to a very large database table as most recovery solutions cannot cater for partial data recovery.

The key benefits:

  • Track who made the changes and when they were made
  • Display the data before and after the change and highlight the items changed
  • Retrieve and reload deleted data
  • Provide operational statistics on a user by user basis

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