Database Platform Design and Migration

A database platform design or database migration project introduces plenty of technical and project management challenges.

As with all complex projects, the success of a design or migration project is largely based on the quality of analysis, planning and preparation. When considering this type of project it is essential to be clear about the key objectives and wherever possible to undertake a suitable risk assessment. Without a clear set of objectives and an effective risk assessment your project is likely to fail as these are both required to produce an effective test strategy.

The cost of a design or migration project is based on an understanding of the interplay between the key cost components: hardware infrastructure; software licensing; project and technical resource. A software licensing cost model should be completed before committing to a hardware architecture. Testing is normally the most resource-intensive project element and is almost always underestimated due to a poor risk assessment or a poor test strategy.

The following are the key technical areas where we can help:

  • Capacity modelling
  • System sizing and specification
  • Storage technologies
  • Database migration path
  • Database design
  • Connectivity and networking
  • Software licensing and cost modelling
  • Migration testing