Database Testing

In most modern database environments, change is happening all the time. Infrastructure changes such as hardware replacement or upgrade. Database changes such as database software replacement, upgrade, configuration changes and schema changes.

A suitable level of testing must be performed before a change is applied to a production environment. The level of testing will depend on the nature of the change and its associated risk. A large proportion of changes can only be tested adequately under a production workload or a suitably scaled environment. Some changes may be associated with data that is sensitive or confidential.

In any event, database testing is an important area. If you can accurately predict the effect of changes to a production database environment then you will significantly reduce the risk associated with maintaining that environment.

The following are the key technology areas where we can help:

  • Workload simulation
  • Test data generation
  • Test data anonymisation
  • Test data copying
  • Test scaling
  • Benchmarking