Oninit was originally founded in 1999. Today Oninit Consulting Ltd is an IBM Premier Business Partner and one of the leading consulting firms in the field of IBM database technology. This timeline represents the most recent part of our 15 year journey.


2005 (Nov)

Oninit Consulting Ltd was formed and became the new trading name of Oninit. The original focus of Oninit Consulting Ltd was to provide technical services and advice to the IBM Informix community in the UK and to try to stimulate new growth for the IBM Informix product.

2006 (Apr)

In partnership with Avnet Technology Solutions, Oninit Consulting Ltd started development of a suite of structured technical support and DBA services for the IBM Informix software community. These services were designed using common tools and techniques that made it easy for customers to develop their own internal skills and support capabilities as well as integrate those of a third party service provider.

2007 (Jan)

Oninit Consulting Ltd agreed a distribution agreement with US software development firm AGS to distribute its range of database productivity tools, AGS Server Studio and AGS Sentinel. These tools were used as the basis of our remote Informix database support and management services.

2007 (Sep)

Oninit Consulting Ltd completed development of our internal service desk system. This was designed and developed by Scott O'Rourke and was developed using a new Java-based forms runtime system called enJin™ (developed by German software development experts, Data Consulting). The service desk system was redeveloped in 2011 using 4Js Genero.

2009 (Apr)

Oninit Consulting Ltd signed an agreement with Lintel Software Consultancy to allow us to resell the Infotrace product for forensic analysis of database logs and data repair.

2011 (Jan)

Oninit Consulting Ltd started development of a new cloud-based data management service based on IBM Informix. The service was called "Pay Per Pulse" and became the first cloud-based service on Informix database technology. The service allows time-stamped data to be uploaded from any device and ingested into a centralized database system for time-series analysis. The technology is used extensively in the energy industry.

2012 (Dec)

Oninit Consulting Ltd started development of a prototype in-memory analytics solution based on IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator. The project was commissioned by one of our partners, Red Olive, on behalf of Home Retail Group.

2013 (May)

Oninit Consulting Ltd launched an in-memory data warehousing appliance based on IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator.

2013 (Jul)

Oninit Consulting Ltd launched a suite of new advanced DBA tools and services. Oninit signed an exclusive reseller agreement with Exact Solutions to resell iReplay and iWatch in the UK.