IBM Software Licensing Audit

As an IBM software user you may from time to time be asked to participate in a software audit. If your company is unfamiliar with the audit process then this may not be a straightforward exercise. More importantly, the penalties for being under-licensed can be extremely severe and may even extend to criminal action.

The purpose of our licence audit is to provide an independent assessment of your company's software compliance. The purpose is not to establish the most efficient licensing approach, but to show what an IBM audit would uncover.

Our software licence audit is a 3-step process...

  • Step 1: Establish what licences the customer already owns
  • Step 2: Establish what the customer is currently using
  • Step 3: Establish how the customer should address any deficiency in the most cost-efficient way

As a Premier IBM Business Partner with a solid and successful background in IBM software, we can help ensure that your organisation is correctly licensed and that you are getting the most out of the software you own and the very best deals on IBM software.

We are one of the few IBM Business Partners in the UK authorised to sell IBM software licences and support through both IBM’s Software Value Plus programme and IBM's Application Specific Licensing programme. This accreditation is recognition of our commitment to, and skills with, IBM software products.