SQL Workload Analysis

A modern database environment can be complex. That means it can be difficult to build a clear picture of what's happening or how things are changing and to make effective decisions when things change.

In most database environments, change is happening all the time. In the absence of a full and complete production scale testing environment there is limited testing that can be performed prior to any change and this creates a degree of unavoidable uncertainty and risk.

In a nutshell, if you can understand the database workload then you can make technical decisions with much more confidence.

With today's SQL workload capture and analysis technologies we can:

  • provide detailed continuous monitoring without additional processing or I/O load on the production environment
  • capture every SQL request (along with its parameters) in real time including those queries that are still running
  • capture every error value, severity and associated text communicated to a client
  • store SQL request data for any desired period
  • identify the source of any SQL request
  • identify high-frequency queries or stored procedures
  • set baselines for performance comparison and analysis
  • trace complete session histories
  • set alert actions for error conditions or changes in performance behaviour

The key benefits:

  • react quickly to an unanticipated change in performance to avoid sustained disruption to users
  • react quickly to errors generated from the database server
  • provide an auditable log of all database activity
  • understand how performance is changing over time by establishing long-term trend analysis
  • isolate slow running or poorly designed SQL requests
  • perform post-event comparison analyses to understand whether changes have the desired results

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