Part 1: Managing your Development Project in Genero Studio.


Although Genero BDL is based on Informix 4GL and both tools can be used to build powerful database applications, there is a world of difference between how a developer will use these tools. In our experience, to get the most out of Genero, it’s vital to have a good understanding of Genero Studio (GST) – the graphical integrated development environment that is shipped with the Genero product.

In the first part of this two-part article we describe the key elements of managing a development project with GST. The second part will describe some of the key productivity features relevant to developers who are generating and maintaining applications.

Running a Green Screen Application in Genero


As we’ve described in other articles, there are many reasons to upgrade from Informix 4GL to Genero; however, it’s not always desirable to upgrade your entire application in one go from a Text User Interface (TUI) to a Graphical User Interface (GUI). This article focuses on how you can use Genero to run a green screen application in its native format, whilst allowing part of the same application to be rendered as a GUI application.

A Number of Reasons to Upgrade to the Latest Genero Release


Originally developed as a GUI replacement to "green-screen" Informix 4GL, Genero has become a powerful and advanced development suite, with a long list of supported platforms, database engines and deployment options. A host of new features are added at every release; Whether you’re running an early version, still on 4gl, or looking for a platform for a new development project, there are some very compelling reasons to start using, the very latest version of Genero.

Navigating a Genero Application


In Informix 4GL the only way to navigate an application is using a “ring” menu. This works very well when the application has a small number of modules with one menu but in complex applications, where there are many modules grouped into various submenus, the ring menu makes navigating the application very cumbersome. Modern alternatives such as tree-view and drop-down menus don’t exist in 4GL, but they do exist in Genero!