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Running a Green Screen Application in Genero


As we’ve described in other articles, there are many reasons to upgrade from Informix 4GL to Genero; however, it’s not always desirable to upgrade your entire application in one go from a Text User Interface (TUI) to a Graphical User Interface (GUI). This article focuses on how you can use Genero to run a green screen application in its native format, whilst allowing part of the same application to be rendered as a GUI application.

A Number of Reasons to Upgrade to the Latest Genero Release


Originally developed as a GUI replacement to "green-screen" Informix 4GL, Genero has become a powerful and advanced development suite, with a long list of supported platforms, database engines and deployment options. A host of new features are added at every release; Whether you’re running an early version, still on 4gl, or looking for a platform for a new development project, there are some very compelling reasons to start using, the very latest version of Genero.

The Impact of DIRECT_IO and File System Caching


This article follows on from the earlier TPC-C benchmarking performed on IDS 12.10, if you missed it, you can read it here. This article takes a view on the topic of DIRECT_IO and its use within IDS, it also highlights the impact of file system caching on Linux, which is relevant for those editions of Informix where DIRECT_IO cannot be used. Lastly, a ‘just for fun’ comparison of DIRECT_IO and RAW devices for readers to come to their own conclusions.

Little known IDS commands: genoncfg


In this series of articles, we are exploring some of the lesser known, lost and forgotten commands buried away in your Informix bin directory. Today we’re going to have a closer look at the genoncfg utility. As the name suggests, this command generates a basic onconfig file for you, given a set of input parameters.

A Simple Informix ESQL-C Makefile


If you’re building or fixing Informix ESQL-C applications then you’re almost guaranteed to come across the UNIX ‘make’ utility. This article describes a very simple Makefile for ESQL-C that can be adapted for many small projects.