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A Number of Reasons to Upgrade to the Latest Genero Release


Originally developed as a GUI replacement to "green-screen" Informix 4GL, Genero has become a powerful and advanced development suite, with a long list of supported platforms, database engines and deployment options. A host of new features are added at every release; Whether you’re running an early version, still on 4gl, or looking for a platform for a new development project, there are some very compelling reasons to start using, the very latest version of Genero.

The Impact of DIRECT_IO and File System Caching


This article follows on from the earlier TPC-C benchmarking performed on IDS 12.10, if you missed it, you can read it here. This article takes a view on the topic of DIRECT_IO and its use within IDS, it also highlights the impact of file system caching on Linux, which is relevant for those editions of Informix where DIRECT_IO cannot be used. Lastly, a ‘just for fun’ comparison of DIRECT_IO and RAW devices for readers to come to their own conclusions.

Little known IDS commands: genoncfg


In this series of articles, we are exploring some of the lesser known, lost and forgotten commands buried away in your Informix bin directory. Today we’re going to have a closer look at the genoncfg utility. As the name suggests, this command generates a basic onconfig file for you, given a set of input parameters.

A Simple Informix ESQL-C Makefile


If you’re building or fixing Informix ESQL-C applications then you’re almost guaranteed to come across the UNIX ‘make’ utility. This article describes a very simple Makefile for ESQL-C that can be adapted for many small projects.

Vulnerability Assessment: What are my options?


IBM Guardium Vulnerability Assessment is a key part of the Guardium Database Security portfolio. It is designed to help harden database infrastructures by scanning targeted systems on a scheduled basis to detect vulnerabilities. This article explains what IBM Guardium Vulnerability Assessment (VA) actually delivers and what the differences are between the various editions. Note that since the introduction of Guardium 10, there are no longer different editions of this product and all of the Advanced Edition features are available with the product.