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The Technical Articles section provides a wide variety of detailed technical content covering a wide area of material which has been written by our technical team members.


An Introduction to the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)


ILMT is an ever increasingly more important piece of software with the growth in usage of virtualized technology. This article provides a brief overview of what ILMT is, why it may be relevant and some considerations with deployment.

Unload to a flat file without dbaccess!


The ‘unload’ command is not part of SQL, it is functionality built into dbaccess, other command line utilities and some GUI tools. This article shows how to extract data to a flat file directly from SQL in your application code (for instance), but only in version 11.50.xC6 or later.

An Introduction To TimeSeries


What is TimeSeries? TimeSeries has actually been around for a fairly long time dating back to 1992 where it started at Illustra.  It was then ported to Informix when Illustra was acquired by IBM, followed by the first Informix release of the TimeSeries Data Blade in 1996. However, it is now beginning to generate a lot of hype and interest.  The reason why we are only now starting to hear about TimeSeries with any persistence is quite simply due to need and achievability.  By this I mean: firstly, there are now larger amounts of data stored about numerous things than there were 15 years ago – simply put data is increasingly the lifeblood of every industry.  Secondly, the hardware capabilities have progressed sufficiently to manage these increasing amounts of data; however, due to these huge data stores, things are becoming sluggish, and companies are looking for improved ways to store and manage their data: enter TimeSeries…again!

Calculating the size of databases


There is no command provided with IBM Informix Dynamic Server that shows the total size of each database in an instance. If you want to know which are using the most space, but do not have a GUI or need an automated script, this article provides an SQL statement for that purpose.

Identifying and connecting to an HDR secondary


In cases where a simple IBM Informix Primary / HDR Secondary server pair exists, it may be considered unnecessary to implement Informix Connection Manager to manage switching between the two, as OLTP applications can simply connect to whichever is the active Primary in a group defined in the sqlhosts file. This article describes a unique method for connecting appropriate applications to the active HDR Secondary in this scenario.