The ability to view the size of all your databases can be of great value.

However, there is no command currently provided with IBM Informix Dynamic Server that shows the total size of each of your databases in an instance. If you want to know which databases are using the most space, but do not have a GUI or need an automated script, this article provides an SQL statement that will enable you to view the size of any database you wish to measure .


The following SQL run on the “sysmaster” database returns the totals of allocated and used pages per database:

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The sample output is provided below:

sysmaster 39302538

For example, the total of all extents (contiguous blocks of disk pages) allocated to tables and indexes in the standard “stores” demo database is 4232 KB, but only 3014 KB of pages within these extents have been consumed so far.


SQL queries on the “sysmaster” database are very useful and sometimes simpler than you might think! Its is a quick and easy way of viewing which databases are using the most space so you can take the necessary steps to address this.


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