Informix Support & Managed Services

Our Informix support packages:

Basic Support

With our Basic Support package you will have on demand access to our Informix technical support team during UK office hours to assist with technical queries and service requests.

24*7 Support+

This is a premium support service which provides unlimited proactive incident response together with continuous monitoring and alerting of your Informix systems.

Remote DBA

Our Remote DBA service is a full managed service built on top of our 24*7 Support+ service. We become your trusted DBA team and we are available every hour of every day.

Why choose Informix support & managed services?

  • Reduced cost. As it becomes more difficult and expensive for organisations to find and retain highly skilled IT resource, a managed service option is often the most cost effective way of filling the gap. With our service options, you only pay for what you need. You don’t end up paying for full-time staff or contractors or, worse, trying to use already overstretched resource.
  • Reduced risk. A managed service option gives your company the flexibility to adapt to personnel changes, for example absence of key staff through holiday or sickness. It also gives you the ability to support 24*7 operation more cost-effectively. A more consistent and more reliable service delivery means lower risk.
  • Improved results. Companies can end up relying on untrained or unqualified staff to manage specialised IT systems simply because they don’t have an obvious alternative. This is often a false economy because of the amount of time required for people to “learn on the job” and the inevitable cost of “mistakes”. A managed service provides a safety net with qualified technicians using the right tools.

Compare our Informix service options

Technical Support ServicesBasic Support24x7 Support+Remote DBA
Access to our 24/7 Support Desk ensures any issues can be resolved as quickly as possible avoiding unnecessary business interruption.
Following an incident, Oninit will log in and analyse the operating system or internal state of the database engine as necessary.
Triggered by the database engine, custom scripts, or AGS Sentinel whenever any metric exceeds pre-determined thresholds.
Plain text email sent by each Informix server containing key data and filtered Informix message log output checked by humans daily.
Any alert email classified as critical is also sent to the Oninit support team as a text message and repeated every 2 minutes until opened
Cases are tracked using references from both customer and Oninit call logging systems, conforming to the highest procedural standards.
Cases are tracked using references from both customer and Oninit call logging systems, conforming to the highest procedural standards.
Service Report and Service DeliveryBasic Support24×7 Support+Remote DBA
Graphical break-down of data from the Oninit call log for the previous month, identifying call profiles and effectiveness of service.
Displays a wealth of statistics and analysis on the health of database servers and platforms, including traffic light and graphical output.
Fully explains proposed actions following on from results in the Monthly Technical Report, placed in context and with clear priorities.
Independent preparation, testing and deployment of agreed changes from the Monthly Recommendations Report.
Best of both worlds with a single common point of contact but with backup from other Oninit support team members as necessary.
Basic DBA ServicesBasic Support24×7 Support+Remote DBA
Identify, classify and document all Informix servers and the platforms running them across the entire customer estate.
3-phase checking via immediate alerts, Daily Health Check and Monthly Technical Report, to avoid containers filling and rejecting inserts.
Continual monitoring by AGS Sentinel of a variety of key metrics enables clear recognition of new problems.
As well as database engine alarms, critical AGS Sentinel alerts are sent as text messages and repeated every 2 minutes until opened.
The filtered Informix message log output in the Daily Health Check provides a fail-safe over and above database engine alarms.
Similar to the above, multiple alerting levels ensures awareness, together with custom scripting to check DR systems are up-to-date.
Expertise and experience count to make any Informix maintenance or patch upgrade quick and painless, avoiding known issues.
Following on from Monitoring Database Capacity, disk space can be provisioned and contents partitioned or defragged appropriately.
AGS Server Studio enables intelligent and selective highlighting of schema discrepancies before and after software changes.
AGS Sentinel Change Management Option can schedule recording of schema deltas to audit and reproduce all DDL actions.
As above, used to audit any edits to the Informix $ONCONFIG file, so that performance history can be linked to database setup.
The worst performing statements can be located via AGS Sentinel SQL Capture (prepared statements), iWatch or SQLTRACE.
The worst performing statements can be located via AGS Sentinel SQL Capture (prepared statements), iWatch or SQLTRACE.
Oninit has unique experience and tools to automate the reloading of production data to a given point in time.
Advanced DBA ServicesBasic Support24×7 Support+Remote DBA
iWatch or SQLTRACE can identify SQL statements causing the greatest system load or frequently resulting in error conditions.
Oninit Archiver © automatically navigates table hierarchies while still efficiently unloading and block deleting per table.
Infotrace can load data changes from logical log backups into audit tables, and undo or correct inadvertent mass updates.