Target Furniture was in trouble. It relied on a bespoke order processing and production control system to support its manufacturing workflow, invoicing, sales and distribution. But the system was no longer supported and its reliability was being questioned.

It needed to enhance the systems to survive and grow. Yet the investment in the old systems meant “rip and replace” was not an option. They needed to modernise what they had. Now.

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But the environment was tired and outdated. We needed to find a tool that would allow us to do a whole bunch of things: build forms; incorporate proprietary logic from a complex legacy software stack; author reports; integrate report generation with an email system and support a variety of deployment environments including desktop, web and mobile.

So how did we do it?

Introducing Genero. Genero gave us everything that we needed in one integrated development environment. With its slick development interface, we could develop, test and deploy small application components very quickly. Genero helped us redevelop old Microsoft VB look-up forms in a matter of hours. It massively improved the speed and ease of application navigation – that supported desktop, web and mobile.

And its write-once, deploy-anywhere approach is really powerful. Without Genero, we would have to develop afresh every time we deploy in a new environment – and ultimately the customer would have had to pay for that!