Updated June 2020

Open source C program “bsed” is no longer accessible and has been superceded by “bbe”:

Examples in this article have been reworked accordingly.


Depending on your IDS version, you may be unable to restore a test instance from production using “ontape” if the edition (Ultimate/Enterprise, Growth/Workgroup or Innovator) is different, even if the version is otherwise the same. This article provides a solution.


If you attempt to restore from an “ontape” level 0 archive made on a different IDS Edition, you can get an error such as:

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In fact, as long as the version is otherwise identical, such a restore should be possible as the data content is compatible.

You can trick “ontape” by substituting the version number with a binary stream editor such as “bbe” (source code publicly available).

An example solution adapted from a real case follows:

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Another real case required restoring from an archive made with a different special build, which is normally refused in similar fashion:

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Restoring from a different IDS edition with “ontape” is possible using this trick, whereas restoring from a different version is inadvisable.


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